Encourage a girl to enroll!

Do you know a girl who loves to sing? Encourage her to enroll for the Girls Choral Academy after school program where she will meet new friends, build her self-esteem, and learn leadership skills. She will develop her vocal technique, learn musical skills, express her creativity, explore artistry, and build awareness of music from many cultures.  

Downtown Choirs start at 1st grade and extends through 12th grade. As a part of the program we ask our students 3rd grade and above to participate in a vocal evaluation which allows us to discover a singer's starting ability and vocal range. Each evaluation takes about 10 minutes. This ensures each girl is placed in a choir that best fits her age and ability.

The Girls Choral Academy considers diversity and inclusion as our greatest strengths, welcoming girls of every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ability, economic and educational background to audition. Our choirs are a diverse group of girl-identified singers.

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